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  3. Some piece of shit I don't know the specs to.
  4. ???????? 20GB??????
  5. CPU: i5 4670k CPU Cooler: stock Motherboard: Some asrock one Memory: 20gb DDR3 GPU: Gigabyte 970 Windforce oc Case: coolmaster haf 932 PSU: Thermaltake 850w bronze plus Keyboard (Optional): ttesports ultimate challenger Mouse (Optional): Corsair M65 Headphones (Optional): Razer something Picture (Optional): LAPTOP CPU: i7 6700k CPU Cooler: N/A Motherboard: N/A Memory: 8 gb ddr4 GPU: 960m Case: n/a PSU: n/a Keyboard (Optional): well its got a red backlight Mouse (Optional): Headphones (Optional): Picture (Optional):
  6. Only problem is the paid online, I'm disappointed they lowered to the level of Sony and Microsoft.
  7. CPU: i5 4460k. CPU Cooler: Stock. Motherboard: Some ASRock motherboard. Memory: G.Skill RIPJAW 8GB. GPU: GTX 1070. Case: Bitfenix Shadow. PSU: Fractal Design 700W. Keyboard (Optional): HHKB Pro 2 - Lubed - 55g Springs - Dyed Caps. POK3R - Zealios 67g - SIP Socketed - White LED. Mouse (Optional): Logitech G502. Headphones (Optional): HD650 - Mayflower Electronics O2 ODAC + AMP.
  8. They had me sold at Minecraft. Imo handheld gaming is dead.
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  10. With the Nintendo Switch releasing on March 3rd and coming with a good selection of games coming out during 2017 what are your opinions on it? Releases Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 1-2 Switch Just Dance 2017 Has-Been Heroes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Super Mario Odyssey ARMS Splatoon 2 LEGO City Undercover NBA 2K18 Super Bomberman R Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fire Emblem Warriors Disgaea 5 Complete Puyo Puyo Tetris Minecraft Minecraft: Story Mode Yooka-Laylee Project Octopath Traveler Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Farming Simulator RIME Rayman Legends Definitive Edition STEEP Project Sonic 2017 I Am Setsuna Skylanders Imaginators Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 Shin Megami Tensei Skyrim Redout The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth FIFA
  11. Only got 16 hours left
  12. Reddit user Corpit has created the original 151 Pokemon as Hearthstone cards. It is quite impressive what he has done, with each card being unique in its own way; "I tried to capture the character of each species while trying to make them unique as cards too," Corpit said. Each card have varying stats which are not effected by the Pokemons evolution chain but it seems that plenty of thought and effort has gone into it. Find the entire album here.
  13. Searching for good memes on this thread:
  14. Thanks Cynic for getting it running
  15. As the title of this post suggests, Savas Island King of the Hill is now online. This map/gamemode is heavily based on PVP which features multiple tiered loot crates which you can loot around the map. There is a small build zone where you and your friends can build a shelter or a vantage point. Savas Island also features a few miniature Rad Towns. So come on this 50 slot server and join the chaotic PVP fun. -Powered by
  16. Yo, I take that back. I'm wrong. I was getting like <150 ping on a Savas server and I believed it to be an Aus server, it's actually an American one. I'll try and get a Savas server running up since nobody has been playing the modded server even after the recommended changes have been applied. Savas is up and running
  17. There is? I've never seen one in the server browser before, even while searching for the map.
  18. There already is an oceanic Savas 75 slot, which is usually quite full.
  19. Yeah... I went and played some Savas Island on a server with 200 ping. (43/100 players when I joined, which gives an indication that it's somewhat popular) This got me thinking, what are your thoughts on a GLHF-Powered Savas Island community server? I'm sure the oce community would probably enjoy it. +1/-1 and reason plox
  20. Hey I found everyones mums on the road today...
  21. Modest giggle
  22. 8/01/2017 3:30PM? Ex-Respected Yellow
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