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  1. Searching for good memes on this thread:
  2. There is? I've never seen one in the server browser before, even while searching for the map.
  3. Yeah... I went and played some Savas Island on a server with 200 ping. (43/100 players when I joined, which gives an indication that it's somewhat popular) This got me thinking, what are your thoughts on a GLHF-Powered Savas Island community server? I'm sure the oce community would probably enjoy it. +1/-1 and reason plox
  4. What a weird milestone to have, why not 10, 15 or 20 million?
  5. Hand Cannon without the Deagle confirmed! (secretly likes the harbours more)
  6. I don't mind fat people, and I don't mind them accepting who they are if they can't change it. If they can, we shouldn't force them to change it, and the media is doing something right for now. But, I agree with Jason in that making it look so fat is better than being skinny wouldn't be the best of ideas. Some people have problems that they cannot fix, and instead of directly promoting being fat, we should be promoting, or at least giving assistance to people who cannot change it. That way, at least we still know and acknowledge the fact while still making sure that people don't eat unhealthy. EDIT: google ads gave me an ad about losing belly fat, gg
  7. *sigh* we shouldn't have shit like this, especially in the morning when people were having fun. Fuckin' terrorists. Happy New Year's, I hope all of yours are going fine.
  8. no more cancer this year please. many thanks and love from blicks xoxo I am feeling a little less optimistic about 2017 though, it seems as every year passes cancer and world problems increase two-fold
  9. Australia is old enough to leave the family and become a republic, or at least older than Mark. Should we be separated we'll have pros and cons as a consequence of that, such being (warning: may not be true) no need for the Governor-General to stamp laws but we may not get extra assistance from Britain. However, I would like for this country to be called the Republic of Australia instead of the Commonwealth. Plus, and this doesn't make a lick of sense or difference, most people don't care that we're a monarchy anyways, so what's the big whoop besides the two countries obviously.
  10. I'm on board with what Ghandi says. Unless the gather/smelt/whatever rate is changed, I think it should be weekly because I set up a giant base using shittons of stone and metal with myself and two mates, out to the sea where it takes literally yonks to get to the mainland, tbh just keep it as it is unless you find some other way. Plus I'm bored and nobody has tried to raid me I think... -1 support
  11. "Multiple players can access storage containers at the same time" Finally, no more waiting for idiots to get out of boxes!
  12. Yeah why not, everyone should have a choice. It's a basic human right to be given free will (but restricted in some ways, therefore making free will an illusion), if you don't like the outcome, you should be able to change it if there's a good reason and if you can definitely change it, there should be nobody stopping you in your tracks to do what you want. Who cares if people don't like it, they can't push the government around, if people don't like the choice that is given to them well they don't have to accept said choice, it's not like anyone is forcing you to abort, people have their reasons and their motivations for doing anything in life. I bet if you'd want the choice, you would want to do anything for it. Especially when contraceptive methods fail somehow, and you're still trying to not have children, then abortion is a good last resort.
  13. If I were related to the Queen and asked to reform the current government, I'd say make anyone be able to run for PM instead of having to be the party leader, and the parties choose their candidates. That way, we don't have to choose between Turnbull and Shorten. (well, we still do but at least we can have more trumps and clintons)
  14. maybe, and this may be very very highly extremely unlikely, they would FORCE same sex marriage even on straight people you gotta think hypothetically
  15. STEAM_0:0:9825228 (seems pretty ez to get, but meh)