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  1. Yay! Time for Mr Erdogan to tighten his grip even more to 'fight' terrorism.
  2. What are your thoughts on Australia becoming a republic? Are you in favour of remaining a constitutional monarchy or not?
  3. That sounds great. Let me set up a snapchat page or whatever.
  4. Will this snapchat page include photographs of yourself or your house, place of work, suburb, motor vehicle or family members?
  5. With the current gather rate and craft time it is way too easy to build a massive base. For example I managed to build a armoured base surrounded by 3 layers of high external stone walls. It's really not fun to start on a rust server and find massive bases everywhere. People tend to get bored after building a big base too.
  6. I will take Just Cause 2. I can offer you clippings of Jimbob's hair, flakes of paint from his house and one of his t-shirts. I can also provide you with my own toenail clippings, fur from an ALBINO CAT and fur from an obese mentally ill cat. I will also give you a Thomas the Steam Engine handkerchief. Thanks. NOTE: You must pay for postage.
  7. When I said "reforming the system of government" I meant exactly that. Not changing immigration or drug policy! I meant things like vesting more power in the executive branch, an amendment adding rights etc to the constitution or maybe even seperating the legislative branch from the executive branch.
  8. It turns out that you are related to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty, as Queen of Australia, has tasked you with reforming the Australian system of government. You are given a blank check and are instructed to make Her realm (Australia ) better. What would you change? Would you introduce a electoral college like in the USA? Would you change the number of seats in the Senate? Would you abolish the senate? Tell us what you would change and critique what others would change on this thread.
  9. Are you letting your country down? Take this test:
  10. Rust - Peaked at approx. 26,000 players today. which makes it one of the most popular games on steam. Past experiences with TFSAU have shown that a good rust server can grow fairly quickly and the playerbase can be sustained IF some niceguy doesn't abuse his powers. There are approximately 150 rust servers located in Australia. Arma 3 - Peaked at 35,000 players today, which makes it incredibly popular. Despite being released in 2013, its popularity has been buoyed in recent months by the release of the 'Apex' DLC. It has a huge amount of potential with there only being approximately 100 Australian servers, some of which are private servers. There is also a huge variety of different game modes, from survival based wasteland to invade and annexe, which is a cooperative gamemode. It should also be noted that some of the most popular servers are RPG based Altis Life servers,
  11. Ok. Give me the test.
  12. I got 95% in spite of what Steven believed. Y'all are stupid fucks.
  13. Dear Readers, It is with deep regret that I announce the death of Fidel Castro. Our deepest condolences should be extended to the Cuban people. RIP Fidel Castro, hero of the revolution.
  14. Good evening, I was curious about how well all of you know your countries. Please click here to take a test on your geography skills. Once you have completed the test please post your score on this thread as a percentage. Thanks, Ghandi.
  15. First attempt: