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  1. As the title of this post suggests, Savas Island King of the Hill is now online. This map/gamemode is heavily based on PVP which features multiple tiered loot crates which you can loot around the map. There is a small build zone where you and your friends can build a shelter or a vantage point. Savas Island also features a few miniature Rad Towns. So come on this 50 slot server and join the chaotic PVP fun. -Powered by
  2. Yo, I take that back. I'm wrong. I was getting like <150 ping on a Savas server and I believed it to be an Aus server, it's actually an American one. I'll try and get a Savas server running up since nobody has been playing the modded server even after the recommended changes have been applied. Savas is up and running
  3. There already is an oceanic Savas 75 slot, which is usually quite full.
  4. Rust has been updated! Highlights Harbours are in Fixed some exploits (God mode, high external, bunker building, etc.) Optimizations made Working on new bear fur (Looks like a porcupine in the picture lmao) New magnum revolver (Looks like there will be a speed loader for it View model tweaks made
  5. I'll form a coherent answer to your suggestion here instead of on the shout box. I will accept the fact that most of the players on the forums play Rust casually and I was trying to entice new players to join the server and forums by making the server closer to vanilla. However obviously there hasn't been an increase, maybe due to Christmas and New Years, and I will try your suggestion. I will do some retweaking to mods, loot table and decay rates. The server will wipe tonight at 12 am and I will adjust it to 3x Gather and have it wipe fortnightly.
  6. Hello players! Today I will announce a little project I have been working on for the past few days. I have revamped the Rust server and hope you, the community, enjoy it. I have removed some old mods to clean up the server and make it closer to vanilla, but it is still modded. I have fully remade the loot tables and now includes what Rust previously had. Rockets in barrels! Bows, crossies and pipeys looted from barrels and/or boxes! I have reduced the gather rate to 2x and the stack size to match the gather rate too. I have reduced food and meds stack to default eg. 1x stack because no one wants drawn out fights against people mashing down 20 epi pens and 40 bear meats. I have adjusted the decay rate to be slightly more friendly, as this is a weekly wipe cycle it shouldn't matter that whole bases aren't decaying. View the change logs below and hope you enjoy! Previous Modslist: Current Modslist:
  7. I have no idea how Discord makes money and I'm worried because that is what me and all my friends use. Fuck Skype.
  8. I will be addressing a lot of these issues with what I have planned.
  9. Rust has been updated! Highlights Picked up items go into belt bar if appropriate Crafted items go into belt bar if appropriate Fixed small planter scale (can be put closer to the wall, etc.) Multiple players can access storage containers at the same time Pushed min shadow distance to 50 (fixes and balances lighting issues)
  10. I am currently revamping the server and will be taking this into consideration. Is there any particular reason you'd like the server to wipe fortnightly? Thank you for the feedback and welcome to the forums.
  11. How Rustralasia became a big dog was that at it's time it was original. It was built up by friends and a small community. I would recommend to cater to some specific core issues, also get a mod to remove those junk component items (I believe it's called Better Loot or something like that). Halving crafting times and smelting times is a good start. Crafting in Rust is completely shit because you'd have to sit afk for hours just to make some kits to go out with. Probably reduce the gather rate or tweak it to support the halved crafting and smelting time. Currently I find the gather rate too high because I can immediately build a doomfort within an hour, then I sit inside comfortably in my base slowly grinding out frags, sulfur and crafting a shit ton of the raw materials into useful items. This is a huge problem with Rust. People sitting afk in a base crafting all day. If you find a balance between crafting/smelting times and gather rate you will find the perfect amount of time spent outside the base and inside the base. Obviously you're gonna have to choose what kind of people you want on your servers. Hardcore PVPers, casual farmers, roleplayers, etc. You can obviously have all of them, but you're gonna need to cater to a specific niche. This all boils down to one thing. Do you want to run a heavily modded server or a lightly modded server that is closer to vanilla? Currently people enjoy vanilla community servers as it's challenging, has more action and you get an erect E Peen when guns go ablazing on a weekly wipe cycle. People are more inclined to take out their best gear because of the short wipe cycle and online raids and counter raids are more frequent. Obviously you want people to join the forums and other reasons COUGH money COUGH, but I would highly recommend removing kits or just tweaking them. TP is such a garbage mod and it completely removes the whole "roaming" aspect of the game. Remove the dayvote system, only if you are able to tweak the duration of night. Shorten night times by half. This gives people time to craft at night and if you are outside roaming night time PVP is pretty fun sometimes. Get rid of the UI, I'd prefer to hear for an airdrop and heli than have some icons on my screen light up and tell me one spawned. It also makes the server look like those garbage copy pasted modded servers with P2W kits and all those stupid airstrike mods. tl;dr Find a balance between crafting/smelting times with gather rate, get a mod that you can create custom loot tables with, choose an appropriate wipe cycle, cater towards what kind of player base you want, remove TP Other servers worth the mention were Rusteria and Rustria. Back when XP was a thing and it was aids af. These guys made a completely vanilla server weekly/biweekly wipe cycle and 3x XP. That shit took off and they raked in heaps of players on the first few days. Face Punch then decided to increase the XP gain by 2x for all servers after they realized that XP was too slow.
  12. If I woke up in Australia and found out I was related to the Queen, I would fuck off back to kiwiland and go have a serious talking to my parents.
  13. @jason maybe blicks is just playing the devil's advocate... very poorly