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  1. Hey I found everyones mums on the road today...
  2. Modest giggle
  3. Why not just use discord? Is teamspeak worth it?
  4. Replies in image only preferred. PLS NO LINKS TO IMAGES (Where possible), don't be lazy. Videos also allowed.
  5. It's Christmas night. I'm drinking some Scottch and everyone has gone to bed. This seems like the right time... I'm part of the old guard and just enjoyed playing with everyone on the old server since I'm pretty chill and don't care about drama lretty much at all. My name is also James but all of my IRL friends call me Pierre (Middle name) I started playing TTT after watching SeaNanners videos and when I first joined the server I distinctly remember Ally(Jacqui) from my first ever game in SydneyTTT because she thought I was CornFED. 2010-2012 we're simple times and I'm happy to try and relive some of those moments on this server. I think I got staff status because I was generally chill as a regular, played fair and am generally (I hope others see me this way) am nice. I think I asked Jason for rank one day as a bit of a laugh and the joke got so out of hand I became admin I guess. The SydTTT crew was pretty cool as well because it was more or less the first gaming group that I became social (locally) with. Admittedly I have purged my steam friends list in recent years since TTT was a dead meme but if anyone wants to add me again then feel free, just do it. I had organised and ran a sim racing league at the same time but that was with international people so itnl wasn't the same kind of social experience. It's been cool to meet a few people from TTT a couple of years back, otherwise I've only gamed with mutual IRL friends. I very rarely also go by the name MooPS instead of CornfordCaster which is based off of the Sydney wide scratch graffiti tag from the 90's which can still be found today but was common on trains and bathrooms in the form of detailed evngraved writting. Alternately my main gamer name is a boring combination of Cornford (A guitar amplifer company which is no longef in business) and a guitar which the the Fender stratoCaster. Cool.
  6. Take a girl on a date. Then ditch her and go to the bottle-o.
  7. Permban <STEAM_0:1:82099043> <STEAM_0:0:53198790>
  8. Server is still broken, Console is useless scrolling red text. Will do proper introductions post Christmas. Thanks for hosting the nostalgia sesh bro