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  1. I can't get behind fat acceptance. I think that telling people it is ok to be fat is like telling people it is ok to smoke. We know that an unhealthy BMI can lead to serious health effects and limits the quality of life for the person. Growing up in a fat family has left me with a deep contempt for fat people, wanting to go and do things as a kid and being told we would not be able due to their gluttony really cut me up. If someone has the option to better their weight but chooses not to then they are the worse type of people.
  2. Get on our level scrubs
  3. I agree with the Rust and ARMA 3 servers. Rust is still chugging along nicely and the TFSAU server was pretty well. ARMA is still gonna be releasing more updates till 2018 and that should keep it going. The popular RP servers on ARMA reach around 100 players and that could bring in a fair bit of cash money prizes.
  4. It might just mean that they got better and the Australians didn't necessarily get worse but by comparison, they went down compared to the other countries that got better results ya know. Might not be as bad as it looks. You're still higher than us New Zealanders on the rankings
  5. The overwhelming sense of capitalism from Black Friday finally finished him off.
  6. I got 250/588 points. 42%
  7. I will buy a whole bunch of food. Like some candy floss, a bit of chocolate, maybe some fizzy and eat it. just eat the whole $100 of junk food in one sitting because that's the type of person that I am. Or buy a mic to shittalk online